Sunnyside Guava Fruit Pulp is a delicious and convenient way to add the sweet and tangy flavour of guava to your drinks and dishes. Made from real guava fruit, our pulp is carefully processed and packaged in a resealable bottle, ensuring freshness and ease of use. Our Guava Fruit Pulp is perfect for making smoothies, cocktails, and other beverages. It can also be used in baking and cooking, adding a tropical twist to desserts, sauces, and marinades. With no added sugars or preservatives, our Guava Fruit Pulp is a healthy and natural ingredient to enhance the flavour of your recipes. At Sunnyside, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality fruit pulps. Our Guava Fruit Pulp is quick-frozen to lock in the nutrients and flavour of the fruit, and has a long shelf life when stored at the proper temperature.

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Thaw and use as required

Juice, breakfast bars, cafes, bakeries, cocktails

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