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Manufacturers and suppliers of fresh and frozen fruit and vegetable products, fresh garden salads, prepared vegetables, patisserie fillings and concentrates

Formed in 1969, Simped Foods is Australia's longest standing processor, packer and one-stop-shop for the largest range available of frozen fruit and specialty vegetables in the country. We also process and pack fruit and vegetables sourced locally and internationally into a range of pulps, purees, patisserie fillings plus a host more value added products, which are supplied nationally as well as being exported to an increasing number of overseas destinations.

The original objective was to process fruit for export. However, the early years saw the local market take up all production of the company's main line of frozen fruit salad and the export opportunities became limited. To keep up some momentum, other products such as IQF berries, melon balls, minted pineapple and some tropical fruits were included in the range for sale to existing local and interstate customers.
A change in the market place in 1980 saw the introduction of a fresh salad and vegetable processing line to broaden the product base in line with customer requirements.

From the late 1980's the product range broadened significantly again with the introduction of some shelf stable bakery lines, concentrates, purees, additional frozen fruits and specialty vegetables and a further push into value adding the range of products such as fruit coulis that the company was now sourcing. Recent new lines such as "Yogurt Fruits", Frappe bases and IQF Figs continue to perpetuate the expanding range of products.

Simped Foods Pty Ltd is still a family owned company and would stock the widest range of frozen fruit and specialty vegetables in the country. As manufacturers by trade we still value add a wide range of fruit and vegetable products to our own as well as to customer specification. It is in the interest of the company and its members to understand the needs of market pressures and requirements to fill the gaps that arise as end users try to keep a unique style to their business. It is also important that we should not settle for inferior products when we all rely on repeat trade for our respective businesses.

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The "Sunnyside" logo is presented as our 1st grade brand and has a historical link to the Simonson Family parents who started Simped Foods Pty Ltd in 1969. Sunnyside was the name of the family home that Ellen
Simonson grew up in as a child and was given as a tribute to her from her husband Sydney after her passing.

Sunnyside branded product represents our range of top quality IQF and block frozen fruit and vegetable range that are sourced as best available in the market. Product is sourced based on strict quality parameters as the 1st criteria with pricing relative to the grade purchased. Examples that are important in the criteria relate to colour, sizing, variety, origin, trace-ability, quality control of growing conditions, presentation, freezing techniques, . .

This range is representative of the company's commitment to being the quality supplier in the country which specialises in providing consistent top quality week in and week out to their customer network. Total direct involvement of the current directors is around 90 years of service to their industry. Various standard packaging options are available to suit customer requirements with additional options available upon request

Our Brands

Ground Value has been one of Simped Foods' registered brands since 2005 and was implemented to cater for the price conscious market where quality was not the main prerogative.

We have kept the range to a minimum of the quicker moving lines so that our customers can take advantage of a lower price when being used in products such as drinks and other ingredient bases. An example would be strawberries (which have been very cheap in recent years) which are not sourced so tightly with regards sizing, origin and variety. The fruit is still purchased with the same quality measures considered but may be a different variety is used that doesn't stand up to thawing quite as well as our 1st grade brand and will probably not be so well size graded to allow a uniform cost per unit.

Sunnyside Premium
Ground Value

Simped foods covers a range products to suit all types of businesses. 

  • Bakeries
  • Cafes
  • Restaurants
  • Independent Food Service Wholesalers
  • National Buying Groups
  • Health Industry
  • Manufacturers

Our Customers


Simped Foods has been exporting since it's inception in 1969 to many countries.

We are registered with Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) and have regular inspections from their office. Additionally, we
have inspections from SGS Certification Systems to independently monitor our processes twice annually.

Frozen Fruit and Vegetables are what is referred to as "non regulated product" and therefore are not regarded as requiring certification for export. However, if required for importing countries, we are able to offer AQIS certification to cover various requirements.

We currently export to a number of countries around the South Pacific, South East Asia and the Middle East and see exports as a
growing market with a huge potential for us.

Please contact us for information where to buy our range.

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