A Proud Family History

A Proud Family History

Simped Foods has a proud history of supplying quality frozen fruit and vegetables to foodservice and manufacturing businesses Australia-wide for over 50 years.

Simped was established in 1969, processing fruit for fresh and frozen fruit salad. This was considered quite unique, as only canned fruit was available at the time.

Initially the business was set up for the export market, however the products were so well received locally, it was decided to supply Australians rather than overseas buyers. Within two years it was being stocked in major supermarkets, building a whole new retail category.

Simped was one of the first companies to supply individually quick frozen (IQF) fruits, and in 1978 the company processed the first frozen mango product on the market.

Compared to other fruits in the range mango was considered very expensive, however the initial run sold out and was quickly followed up with two more production runs, which also sold out!

Simped kept innovating, and in 1980 started to process fresh fruit and vegetables for salads supplied to the foodservice and catering markets. Two years later they were the first manufacturer to offer supermarkets a fresh fruit salad with a four-week shelf life.

More new products followed in 1988 with aseptic (hot packed/shelf stable) fruit for the bakery industry, plus concentrates and a larger range of specialty vegetables for manufacturers.

In 1991 the company started processing fruit for pulps, purees and coulis, following a growing interest in colourful, presentable and healthy products. The range of frozen fruit and value added fruit products continued to grow right through the 1990s.

In the new millennium, Simped has evolved along with market expectations, and now processes and packs the widest range of frozen fruit and specialty vegetable products in the country.

In 2019 Simped proudly celebrated 50 years of continuous family operation. In this time it has worked with some of the largest and longest-standing members of Australia’s food industry, sharing a heritage of quality, consistency and family tradition.

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