Basil 6MM

Basil 6MM


Basil 6MM

Sunnyside chopped basil is a convenient and flavourful alternative to fresh basil. Our basil is snap-frozen at peak freshness, then chopped into 6mm pieces for easy use in a variety of dishes. With Sunnyside chopped basil, you no longer have to worry about wilting or spoilage of fresh herbs. Our herbs are ready to use straight from the freezer, providing excellent flavour and aroma to your recipes. At Sunnyside, we take pride in offering our customers the best quality products. Our chopped basil is free-flowing and free from any additives or preservatives, ensuring that you get the pure, natural taste of basil in every dish. Use Sunnyside chopped basil to add a fresh and flavourful touch to your sauces, marinades, salads, and more. Trust us to provide you with the convenience and quality you need to create delicious and exciting dishes.

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250g, 1Kg, Bulk

Use from frozen

Substitute as an alternative to fresh herbs

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