Banana whole & Broken Bulk

Banana Whole & Broken Bulk IQF


Banana Whole & Broken Bulk IQF

Sunnyside Premium offers high-quality IQF Whole & Broken Bananas, made from ripe and fresh bananas that are quickly frozen to preserve their natural flavour and nutrients. Our bananas are carefully selected, washed, peeled, sliced, and packaged to make them easy to use in a variety of recipes. Sunnyside Premium IQF Whole & Broken Bananas are perfect for use in smoothies, baked goods, breakfast cereals, and other desserts. They can also be used in savoury dishes, such as banana curry or as a topping for pizzas. Our IQF Whole & Broken Bananas have a long shelf life when stored at the proper temperature, making them a convenient and cost-effective option for food service businesses and home cooks who want to enjoy the taste and health benefits of fresh bananas all year round.

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Use for smoothies, yoghurt

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