Apple Diced

Apple Diced


Apple Diced

Simped Foods uses Sunnyside Aseptic Manufacturing Process to preserve the quality of our diced apples. This process involves rapid heat treatment followed by rapid cooling under sterile conditions, ensuring that the diced apples retain their freshness and flavour. Our Sunnyside Aseptic Diced Apples are a great addition to a variety of recipes, including salads, baked goods, and breakfast dishes. With their convenience and versatility, they are perfect for use in both commercial and home kitchens. At Simped Foods, we take pride in offering our customers the best quality products. Our diced apples are made from high-quality apples and preserved through our aseptic manufacturing process, ensuring that you get the freshest and most flavourful diced apples possible. Trust us to bring the taste and convenience of diced apples to your kitchen. With Sunnyside Aseptic Diced Apples, you can enjoy the benefits of fresh fruit all year round.

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Bakery and commercial kitchen

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