Lemongrass Milled

Lemongrass Milled


Lemongrass Milled

Sunnyside Lemongrass Milled is a convenient way to add the unique and refreshing flavour of lemongrass to your dishes. Our lemongrass is milled to a fine consistency, making it easy to use and incorporate into your recipes. Sourced from the finest lemongrass, our milled product captures the fresh and zesty taste that is characteristic of this popular ingredient. With Sunnyside Lemongrass Milled, you’ll have a high-quality and consistent product that is perfect for use in Asian cuisine, curries, soups, marinades, and more. Our lemongrass is snap-frozen at peak freshness to lock in the flavour and nutritional value, so you can enjoy the taste and benefits of this aromatic herb any time of year. At Simped Foods, we pride ourselves on offering our customers the best quality products. Our Lemongrass Milled is free from any artificial additives or preservatives, ensuring that you get the pure, natural taste of this versatile ingredient. Experience the zesty and refreshing taste of lemongrass with Sunnyside Lemongrass Milled, and elevate your cooking to new heights.

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250g, 1Kg, Bulk

Use from frozen

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